All maths formulas

All maths formulas

By Hitisha Tech

All maths formulasAll maths formulasAll maths formulasAll maths formulasAll maths formulas

here is maths formulation pack for all android customers.

this app has 1000 math formula, calculation, maths symbols, unit conversion, geometry, maths mind take a look at, foreign money convertion and dictionaty terms with desciption and extra to come back.

now no must make paper notes to recollect mathematics formulas simply have this app put all of the formulas in your telephone.

maths formulation covered


- factoring formulas

- product formulas

- roots formula

- powers formula

- logarithmic formula

- helpful equations

- complex number

- binomial theorem


- cone

- cylinder

- isosceles triangle

- square

- sphere

- rectangle

- rhombus

- parallelogram

- trapezoid

analytical geometry

- 2-d coordinate system

- circle

- hyperbola

- ellipse

- parabola


- limits formula

- properties of derivative

- common by-product formula

- trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, hyperbolic, inverse hyperbolic functions


- properties of integration

- integration of rational,trigonometric,hyperbolic,exponential and log functions


- basics of trigonometry

- sine, cosine rule

- desk of angle

- angle transformation

- half/double/multiple angle formula

- product and powers functions

- euler's formula

laplace transform



numerical methods

vector calculus


beta gamma

z - transform

maths calculation coverd

this calculator can solve all arithmetic downside.

key features:

- clear up all maths equations;

mathematical symbols covers all symbols

this app will take a look at your capacity to establish symbols corresponding to lower than, higher than, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, parentheses, p.c, pi, infinity, and more! a number of example problems for each image will be certain to truly be taught these important mathematical ideas.

unit conversion covered

unit converter is an easy, good and stylish device which are used in daily life.

- fundamental : size, space, weight, volume

- living : trade price, temperature, time, speed, sneakers, clothing, hat, ring

- science : strain, pressure, work, power, torque, flow, current, voltage, density, viscosity, focus, astronomy

- misc. : angle, knowledge, gas efficiency, cooking, illuminance, radiation, prefix, binary, time zone, blood sugar, awg

geometric calculator covered

geometryx is an software that permits you to calculate quickly and easily the most important values and parameters of airplane and stable figures and shapes.

list of aircraft and solid figures contained within the software:

- square

- rectangle

- parallelogram

- trapezoid

- scalene triangle

- isosceles triangle

- equilateral triangle

- proper triangle

- easy polygon

- common convex polygon

- circle / disk

- annulus

- annular sector

- circular sector

- round segment

- ellipse

- ellipse segment

- quadratic function

- cubic function

- intercept theorem

- kite

- angles and trigonometry

- rhombus

- incircle and circumcircle of a triangle

maths brain check covered

you want to take a look at your brain? do you need to make your brain work faster? train your brain and your brain by no means gets old!

how to play:

- choose the right reply to unravel the quiz.

- you must calculate as shortly as possible as a outcome of time for every query is very quick.

- try to get high score by your best.

math dictionary covered

math dictionary options :

- 1000's of math words and terms

- app is totally free, you do not have to pay anything ever!!

- alphabetical listing

- a search tool

- a learning tool

currency converter covered

all foreign money converter is a real-time currency exchange charges converter.

- 180 world currencies and 4 metals

- reside exchange rates

- convert a number of currencies at once

- search function to quickly add a new currency

in app include the all maths formulation and different performance. all necessary key of maths

formula and different characteristic to very useful for all students and competitive candidates simply and rapidly preparing for all degree examination obtainable in all examine formulation app.

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