iForest - Trees and shrubs

iForest - Trees and shrubs

By Garzotto GmbH

iForest - Trees and shrubsiForest - Trees and shrubsiForest - Trees and shrubsiForest - Trees and shrubsiForest - Trees and shrubs

iForest makes of your smartphone an digital plant e-book with which you'll ponder, determine, recognize, compare and learn an important kinds of bushes and bushes of Central Europe.

With the purchase of this utility, you support the Bergwaldprojekt. 10% of earnings of iForest go on to the Bergwaldprojekt.

iForest is the App for all plant-interested, nature lovers, forest wardens, gardners, hunters, natural well being professionnals and biologists.

The most essential traits and capabilities in brief terms:

- over 2000 plant photos of an important one hundred twenty five trees and bushes of Central Europe

- sixteen pictures per plant (from the seed to the germination, root, trunk, bark, crown, leaf: prime and bottom surface, summer time and winter department, wood: horizontal and vertical cuts, flowers: hermaphrodite, feminine and male until the fruit)

- Search for plants with the textual content enter and point out

- Profile for every plant with detailed informations to botanical traits, wooden, location, dangers, forestry, natural well being, forest recipes, history and so on.

- Select plants with definition characteristics (freely mix in accordance with plant species, type of department, leaf margin, leaf form, flower and type of wood).

- Search for crops for numerous planting locations (freely combine due to lighting circumstances, water availability, altitude, temperature, nutrient conditions, pH situations etc.)

- To put on personal plant list (favorites)

- To view pictures of plants (with or with out plant names)

- To prepare and learn plants on the premise their different plant elements

- To indicate a tree horoscope (with information to the Celtic tree circle)

- evaluate photographs of various crops in iForest

Pictures and texts have been made out there with the friendly permission of the CODOC. The copyright for these components remains with CODOC.