Hadiths (Al-Jame 'as-Sahih - Sahih Bukhari)

Hadiths (Al-Jame 'as-Sahih - Sahih Bukhari)

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Hadiths (Al-Jame 'as-Sahih - Sahih Bukhari)Hadiths (Al-Jame 'as-Sahih - Sahih Bukhari)Hadiths (Al-Jame 'as-Sahih - Sahih Bukhari)Hadiths (Al-Jame 'as-Sahih - Sahih Bukhari)Hadiths (Al-Jame 'as-Sahih - Sahih Bukhari)

The most reliable assortment of hadiths collected by Muhammad al-Bukhari in Uzbek (Latin and Cyrillic alphabets)

”Is an Uzbek translation.

Imam al-Bukhari worked on the e-book Al-Jame 'as-Sahih (Trusted Collection) for 16 years, and the 7,397 hadiths included in it were selected from 600,000 hadiths.

The guide Al-Jame 'as-Sahih was translated from Arabic into Uzbek and printed in 4 volumes in 1991 and 1992 in the Encyclopedia. Translators:

1. Zokirjon Ismail (Vol. 1, 1991. From the Introduction to the Book of Tarawih)

2. Khoja Muzaffar Nabihan oglu and Khoja Bakhtiar Nabihan oglu (Vol. 2, 1991. From the e-book Trade) limigacha)

3. Rahmatullah Qori Qasim oglu and Khoja Bakhtiar Nabihan oglu (Vol. 3, 1991. From the book on the virtues of the Ghazis and the righteous they did to the e-book on Drinks)

4. Abdulghani Abdullah (Vol. 4, 1992. From the guide About Patients and Medicine to the Comments section).

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