By Evgeniy Mikhaylov


Physical laws, radiophysics, electronics - there have by no means been such simple texts about complex things!

Joule-Lenz legislation, Ohm's regulation, Hall effect, what's a P-N transition? What are microcontrollers, tips on how to program them? Unfortunately, in our time, even many graduates of technical universities do not fully understand the basic things!

And the method to decide what is broken in electronics and how to repair it? And is it so troublesome, as we are told in service centers, driving up costs for repairs? How to properly keep residence appliances?

The application has a huge number of articles, ranging from primary ideas to complicated physical laws, plenty of practical advice and that is just the beginning! Everyone can perceive our articles!

We are like ElectroDroid, only with a bunch of texts and footage.


The improvement team does NOT bear any responsibility for accidents acquired in the course of the course of any measurements, due to lack of expertise, through negligence or different factors, in addition to for failure any measuring instruments, electronics or electronic elements. If essential, search assist from an skilled specialist! Don't put your life in danger!

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Electronics has by no means been that easy to understand! Join us to study it!We bet you've hardly come throughout such simple texts on ideas of physics, radio physics or electronics before!We offer you easily comprehensible info on Joule-Lenz's Law, Ohm’s Law, Hall Effect or p–n...