David Pfeifer: Die Rote Wand

David Pfeifer: Die Rote Wand

By Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH

David Pfeifer: Die Rote WandDavid Pfeifer: Die Rote WandDavid Pfeifer: Die Rote WandDavid Pfeifer: Die Rote WandDavid Pfeifer: Die Rote Wand

Welcome to the Sexten Dolomites, the setting of David Pfeifer's novel The Red Wall!

• Run your fingers by way of the interactive 3D map.

• Discover essential areas from the e-book and traces of the First World War within the region.

• Listen to the descriptions of the bizarre places within the audio recordings.

• Get an impression of the situations of that point via historical photographs.

Like a stone wall that God rammed into the earth as a natural border between northern and southern Europe, the mountains behind Sesto soar into the sky. In 1915 the border between Austria-Hungary and Italy ran right here. A front that turned the scene of a bitter trench warfare in the course of the First World War. Fighting takes place on ledges, peaks, on skis, with stab knives, carabiners and hand grenades. Small items try to safe the peak man in opposition to man. In all these skirmishes there's a woman in the pink wall who followed her father within the mountain struggle. David Pfeifer tells their story and the story of the Dolomite War in an impressive novel. With the help of the app, immerse yourself in the places of the novel, discover the region and achieve an insight into the lifetime of the folks in the course of the Dolomite War.

The distinctive illustration of the Dolomite panorama relies on the app Technology by 3D RealityMaps.

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