Aomi Bookshelf-Novel Reader App

Aomi Bookshelf-Novel Reader App

By MoboReader

Aomi Bookshelf-Novel Reader AppAomi Bookshelf-Novel Reader AppAomi Bookshelf-Novel Reader App

A lot of candy, sad and crying novels, heart-pounding and harassing works!

Unlimited studying of novels anytime, anywhere!

Soumi Bookshelf is recommended for individuals like this

・ I need to learn the original work!

・ I don't have time to go to the bookstore!

・ I need to relieve stress by reading a crying novel!

・ I wish to learn a contented ending romance novel!

・ I'm not good at reading Musukashii novels!

Easy to learn and set!

・ Vertical scroll reading or web page turning!

You can read crisply to your liking!

・ If you set your favorite work, the novel that suits you could be picked up automatically!

You can learn again from anywhere you like by inserting a bookmark in your favorite web page.

You can also seek for popular works by style from the rankings that are up to date daily!

A handy function that permits you to meet numerous works in real time from new impressions, critiques, completions, updates, and search by setting your favorite keywords and writers. Also installed!

You can now post novels with the app, and anyone can purpose for a book-making debut !!

✔ Download the Aomi bookshelf and luxuriate in velocity studying Let's begin the studying journey!

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