Tselote Abew

Tselote Abew

By Dagmawi Tadesse

Tselote AbewTselote AbewTselote AbewTselote AbewTselote Abew

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) is an utility for the composition, appearance and varied prayers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which includes the following prayer books.

- Frequent Prayers,

- Praise Mary,

- Yveswa Angels,

- Lighting,

- Golgotha ​​of June,

- World of Medicine,

- Miracle of Medicine,

- Trinity,

- Medicine The world,

- the picture of Mary,

- the image of Michael,

- the picture of Raphael,

- the cross of passion,

- The Covenant of Mercy,

- The Face of Gabriel,

- The Face of Uriel,

- The Face of George,


- Plant Religion,

- The Cross,

- The Sword of the Divine.

- The Sword of the Trinity.


- The intercessory prayer of the seven archangels.

The subsequent version will embody the Book of Jesus Christ and the Archangel, in addition to other prayer books.

Or it may be decreased.

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