Sirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with Tafseer

Sirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with Tafseer

By IT department of Dawateislami

Sirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with TafseerSirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with TafseerSirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with TafseerSirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with TafseerSirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with Tafseer

The I.T. department of DawateIslami has developed an application named Sirat ul Jinan Al-Quran with Tafseer. It is a cell Quran app that is built to offer folks a simple strategy to learn, listen and a greater understanding of the Quran. As Muslims, we should understand and observe the commandments of the Quran Sharif. It is a superb present for many who can not understand the Arabic language. Easy Quran Urdu translation and full clarification each are wonderful features of this app. Moreover, the Quran tafsir app will assist you to to higher perceive the essence of Quran Majeed. However, it additionally explains its messages. The Quran recitation (tilawat) and clarity of voice fill your soul and spirit with contentment and enlighten your heart.

Prominent Features


Quran tarjuma is available in Urdu in English language and it gives deeper and specific data to its reciters.


This software has interpreted the that means of the Quran. You can easily understand the explanation of the Quran.

Elegant Recitation

If someone cannot learn Quran, there may be an choice of listening Quran. All Surahs are beautifully recited on your listening.

Introduction of Each Surah

Users might read an introduction of every Surah from its start. It is out there within the Urdu language on your convenience.

Go to Aayat

By utilizing this feature, you probably can immediately go to any verse of the Holy Quran simply by coming into its number.

Popular Surah List

All Surahs are listed based on Para title. It makes it simple and helpful to seek out the popular Surah. However, you may discover a separate record of in style Surahs.


If you must shut Quran Majeed while reading, bookmark helps to resume from the identical level. It will also assist to mark your favourite Surah.

Surah and Para

This app grants permission to pay attention and skim a particular para and you can also obtain and put it aside to your android separately.


Sharing feature lets you share any surah with your beloved ones and pals. You can share it on WhatsApp or different social media platforms.

Advanced Searching

By using this characteristic, users might search any Para, Quran translation and Quran tafseer with none delay.

Last Reading Point

Users can get their last studying level simply. They can begin their studying from the place they stopped.

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