Guide to Spiritual Life

Guide to Spiritual Life

By olegus

Barsanuphius the Great and John the Prophet are monks, mentors of spiritual life. Their solely work is “A Guide to Spiritual Life” (“A Guide to Spiritual Life in Answers to Students’ Questions,” a group of assorted admonitions of ascetics to totally different individuals and on varied occasions. The worth of the Guide to Spiritual Life by St. Barsanuphius and John is primarily in that it recorded the living custom of spiritual steering of the 5th-6th centuries, the direct expertise of Orthodox monasticism of that era.“ A Guide to the Spiritual Life in Answers to Students’ Questions ”is probably the most valuable information to asceticism, contemplating many issues from the sensible wants of monks to the deepest realities of the spirit. Dervas Chitty describes the lifetime of Barsanuphius the Great and John the Prophet on this way: We have no idea precisely when the Egyptian monk Barsanuphius shut himself up in his cell, leaving Abba Serid to preside over the ascetics gathered around him. The Great Elder didn't go away his cell in any respect, communicating with the outside world by way of complete obedience to him (here it is acceptable to recall the relationship a vvy Isaiah with his disciple Peter the Egyptian) and Abba Serida, who served him. Not sooner than 525 and never later than 527, the Great Elder moved to a brand new cell, vacating his former cell for one more Elder, John, who led the same reclusive life and communicated with the world by way of one of many monks for eighteen years. The group took the type of a coenobia, surrounded by the cells of hermits who had taken refuge. Fifty-four epistles Answers of Barsanuphia (one short epistle written by another Elder), written in response to questions from the monk John from Birsavia (Beersheba), precede a set of more than eight hundred solutions given by the Elders to numerous questions and numerous questioners. This assortment was edited by one of many monks of the monastery (we have no idea his name), who witnessed how Barsanuphius left his retreat to scrub the toes of the brethren and thereby dispel the doubts of one of many questioners, affected by the thought that the invisible Elder was an invention of Abba Serida '.

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