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NT Bible Study

By Biblias y Estudios Cristianos

NT Bible StudyNT Bible StudyNT Bible StudyNT Bible StudyNT Bible StudyNT Bible StudyNT Bible Study

The Bible Study on the New Testament is a powerful and priceless learning. The New Testament tells us about Jesus' demise on the cross for us – and what response we should have to his sacrifice. The focus of the New Testament is on sound Christian instructing, as properly as the ensuing practice that ought to follow the teaching.

Jesus mentioned, It is written in the Prophets: And they shall all be taught by God. So, everyone who hears and learns from the Father involves me. John 6:forty five. The most read book on the earth, the Holy Bible, now at your fingertips via this free app within the form of an audio guide, permitting you to access the teachings of Jesus from wherever, through the study of the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

In this app you will find all of the books of the Holy Bible included within the New Testament:


Saint Mark


Saint John


















The New Testament is the a half of the Christian Bible made up of a canonical (authoritative) set of books and letters written after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. It is designated thus from Tertulliano within the Christian Church. Contrary to the Hebrew Tanach, referred to as by Christians the Old Testament, Christians, excluding the so-called Messianic Jews, wouldn't have the New Testament in widespread with the Jews.

The function of each book is examined , who was the author, when and to whom was it written. The message of each book is recognized and the way it is associated to the others.

The use of the time period testomony comes from the Hebrew phrase berith ('alliance, covenant, settlement or provisions between two contracting events' ), through the Greek diatheké, and the Latin testamentum. Some authors present the names Old and New Testament with which the 2 nice sections by which the Christian Bible is split are designated as the outcomes of a misinterpretation of the phrase diatheké, which means: 'want' or 'will', and also 'agreement' or 'settlement'.1 With this criterion diatheké in Greek would check with the old and the model new agreement of God with men more than to the Scriptures themselves.

Composition of the New Testament:

The composition of the canonical New Testament was steadily mounted in the first centuries of the brand new faith. The oldest list is supposed to be written across the year a hundred and seventy.

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We need our Bible Study of the New Testament is beneficial for your stroll with Christ.

Enjoy many Biblical contents similar to:

- Questions about God, The Bible, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Life Christian, Prayer, Sin

- Synopsis of the Bible

- How to interpret the Bible

- The artwork of preaching

- Biblical subjects to preach

- Spiritual life

- Evangelism and how to evangelize

- Outlines

- Preaching

- Sermons

- Christian reflections

- Theology

- Christian devotionals

- How to review the Bible

- and lots of more Biblical resources

Download now Bible examine of the New Testament and learn more about the phrase of God. Complete your religion and acquire new data on your Christian life.


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