365 educational stories for children

365 educational stories for children

By Guli Pro

365 educational stories for children365 educational stories for children365 educational stories for children365 educational stories for children365 educational stories for children365 educational stories for children

This book is in regards to the lives of nice scientists, their clever sayings, and their hardships within the path of science. It also contains the words of famous geniuses recognized in other nations and world history as Purmano, exemplary events of their lives, legends, wise anecdotes, parables and extra. The guide also covers contemporary events.

In the Orient, works corresponding to Kalila and Dimna and The Nightmare have been read as educational books for hundreds of years. Or the phrases of Greek philosophers corresponding to Aristotle and Socrates, as properly as Aesop's fables, play an important function in educating young folks, but additionally adults, in shaping good behavior. The major concept of ​​Jalaliddin Rumi's Masnavi, Fariduddin Attor's Mantiqut tayr, Alisher Navoi's Hayratul abror, Hussein Voiz Kashifi's Futuvvatnomai sultoniy can be the primary concept of ​​education and morality.

The type of the guide differs from the works written on the topic so far. The works written up to now are thematic, with stories, parables and examples. But we've put collectively 365 instructional stories, parables, and extra to make your guide readable all year long. The topic of the tales can be different. It doesn't bore the scholar. At the top of every story, brief classes are given within the form of contributions from the story. They permit you to understand the story even better.

The guide's themes promote honesty, maturity, dad and mom, trainer, respect for neighbors, patience, generosity, braveness, patriotism, laziness, jealousy, slander, lies, vanity, o ' it returns from vices similar to greed, ingratitude, enmity, greed, covetousness, thoughtlessness, impatience, betrayal. The story of the protagonists of the story shows the errors of many people, tips on how to correct them and the means to eliminate unhealthy habits. Our goal is for our children to develop as a lot as be educated, well mannered, impartial, hardworking and brave. The book is primarily intended for a large readership.

Dear grandparents! We ask you to read this e-book to your grandchildren when you may have time and explain the conclusions, contributions to the story and lessons discovered in more detail primarily based on your life experience.

Dear dad and mom mothers! We ask you too. Take the time to learn the book to your children. Don't waste 5-10 minutes after dinner or going to mattress. Read no much less than one story to your youngsters. You will notice a change of their conduct, speech, and upbringing. If you can't discover the time, hand the guide to your youngster, read no less than one story, and tell them to go to bed. Of course, this isn't with out its advantages.

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