World English Bible multimedia

World English Bible multimedia

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World English Bible multimediaWorld English Bible multimediaWorld English Bible multimediaWorld English Bible multimediaWorld English Bible multimediaWorld English Bible multimediaWorld English Bible multimedia

The Holy Bible

The World English Bible with multimedia, containing the fundamental sixty six canonical books.

This app comes with audio and automated text highlighting because the audio is performed for books where audio is available. The app will download the audio from the online the primary time the chapter is played. After that no further web connection is used or wanted to play the audio of that chapter later.


• Cantains the fundamental 66 canonical books recognized by all Christian denominations.

• Mark a verse with shade.

• Add bookmarks.

• Add personal notes to a verse, copy it, or share it.

• Enable Automatic textual content highlighting while the audio performs.

• Link to Scripture videos on the Web.

• Share a verse image on Social Media.

The World English Bible is an replace of the American Standard Version (ASV) of the Holy Bible, published in 1901. A custom pc program updated the archaic words and word varieties to modern equivalents, after which a team of volunteers proofread and up to date the grammar. The New Testament was up to date to conform to the Majority Text reconstruction of the unique Greek manuscripts, thus profiting from the superior entry to manuscripts that we now have now compared to when the unique ASV was translated.

The World English Bible is in the Public Domain (not copyrighted), it could be freely copied, distributed, and redistributed without any fee of royalties. You don’t even should ask permission to take action. You might publish the World English Bible in entire or partly, in any form of hardcopy or digital format. You could make and distribute audio recordings of it. You could broadcast it. The only requirmeent is to keep up the integrity of the text, and reserve the name “World English Bible” for trustworthy copies of this translation.

This app incorporates the basic 66 books acknowledged by all Christian denominations.

Text: Public Domain, version 2020-01

Published: 2022, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc., Orlando, FL 35862-8200 USA (

Audio: ℗ Winfred Henson, shared by Hosanna (

Illustrations of Gospel Films: Used with permission, all rights reserved. (

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