Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;

Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;

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Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;Al-Mouwatta quot Malik ibn Anas quot;

The Al-Muwatta book

This is the primary guide that was composed to gather hadith categorized by chapters. The that means of Al-Muwatta is that which is made easy. This guide of Imam Malik named Al-Muwatta was also the first guide composed in hadith and jurisprudence at the similar time. That is to say that there were in the same book the hadith of the Prophet (salla l-Lahou 'alayhi wa sallam) and the jurisprudence. He remained composing it for forty years. It has many chains of transmission that students of hadith, muhaddith have judged to be essentially the most authentic hadith.

Ach-Shafi'i said concerning the book Al-Muwatta: There is no There has not appeared on earth a book after the e-book of Allah – the Qur-an – which is extra authentic than the guide of Malik”.

In his time, it was mentioned: “Is it that people issue opinions of jurisprudence while there might be Malik in Medina! »

His delivery and biography

He is nicknamed Abu ‘Abdi l-Lah the father of ‘Abdou l-Lah. His identify is Malik son of Anas son of Abu 'Amir Anas son of Al-Harith son of Ghayman Al-Asbahi Al-Madani.

His ancestry goes back to Ya'rab son of Yachjab son of Qatan. His ancestor is known as Malik son of Anas. He is amongst the great successors of the companions and a type of who carried the body of 'Uthman Ibnu 'Affan may Allah be pleased with him, at evening to his grave as was mentioned by Al-Quchayri.

The father of his grandfather is the companion 'Abou Malik who was in conjunction with the Prophet (salla l-Lahou 'alayhi wa sallam) in the varied battles apart from that of Badr.

As for the mom of Imam Malik, she known as Al-'Aliyah daughter of Charik son of 'Abdou r-Rahman Al-Asdiyah.

The sons of Imam Malik are Yahya, Muhammad and Hammad.

Imam Malik is the founder of one of the 4 faculties of jurisprudence which has been preserved, reputed and disseminated within the nations of Muslims.

Imam Malik was born in Medina the Illuminated within the year ninety five of the Hegira. He grew up with great software in studying science and reporting hadith. He took data and he introduced it again from a giant number of successors of the companions and successors of the successors of the companions who're counted by the lots of among which we point out Nafi 'the freed slave of the son of 'Umar. There is also Ibnou Chihab Az-Zouhri. There is Aba z-Zinad and there's 'A-ishah the daughter of Sa'd Ibnu Abi Waqas, or Yahya Ibnu Sa'id Al-Ansari.

He was, might Allah grant him mercy, the Imam of Medina. His science has unfold to different countries. He was famous in a number of nations and people made trips to come to him from totally different regions.

He was educating when he was seventeen. He remained giving recommendation on jurisprudence, instructing people, as lengthy as lots of his Chaykhs brought him again – that's, they gave him data and he discovered from others. and he had transmitted to them in turn–.

Like Muhammad Ibnu Chihab Az-Zouhri, like Rabi'ah Ibnu Abi 'Abdi r-Rahman the specialist in jurisprudence of the individuals of Medina, like Yahya Ibnou Sa' id Al-Ansari, as Mouça Ibnou 'Uqbah and many others reported from him, as lengthy as the Qadi 'Iyad composed a guide in which he had counted one thousand three hundred names of those who reported from Imam Malik, May Allah be pleased with him.

The greatest identified of them were Sufyan Ath-Thawri and once more Imam Mujtahid Muhammad Ibnu Idris Ash-Chafi'i and 'Abdou l-Lah Ibnu l-Mubarak .

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