Latin Vulgate

Latin Vulgate

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Latin VulgateLatin VulgateLatin VulgateLatin VulgateLatin VulgateLatin VulgateLatin Vulgate

King James Version -

Choose a guide of the Holy Bible

Old Testament - Old Testament

Gen 1 Genesis

Ex 2 Exodus

Lv 3 Leviticus

Nm 4 Numbers

Dt 5 Deuteronomy

Nm 4 Joshua

Jg*7 Judges

Rt 8 Ruth

1Sm 9 Samuel I

Rt 8

2Sm 10 Samuel 2

1Kn 11 Kings 1

2Kn 12 2 Kings

1Ch 13

2Ch 14 2 Chronicles

Ez 15 Ezra

Nh 16 Nehemiah

Es 17 Esther /p>

Jb 18 Jó

Ps 19 Psalms

Pr 20 Proverbs

Ec 21 Ecclesiastes


Sn 22 Song of Songs

Is 23 Isaiah

Jr 24 Jeremiah

Lm 25 Lamentations

Ek* 26 Ezekiel

Dn 27 Daniel

Hs 28 Hosea

Jl 29 Joel

Am 30 Amos

Ob 31 Obadiah

Jh 32 Jonah

Mc 33 Micah

Na* 34 Nahum

Hk* 35 Habakkuk

Zp 36 Haggai

Hg 37 Ageu

Zc 38 Zacharias

Ml 39 Malac Hiæ

New Testament - New Testament

Mt 40 Matthew

Mr 41 Mark

Lk 42 Luke /p>

Jn 43 John

Ac 44 Acts

Rm 45 To the Romans

1Cr 46 To the Corinthians

2Cr 47 To the Ephesians

gl 48 To the Galatians

Ep 49 To the Ephesians

Ph 50 To the Philippians

Cl 51 To the Colossians

1Th 52 To the Thessalonians 1Tm 54 1 Timothy

2Tm 55 2 Timothy

Tt 56 to Titus

Pl* 57 to Philemon /p>

Hb 58 to the Hebrews

Jm 59 James

1Pt 60 1 Peter

2Pt 61 2 Peter

1Jh 62 1 John

2Jh 63 II John

3Jh 64 3 John

Jd 65 Jude

Rv 66 Apocalypse

This is King James Version - King James Version. The Application is OFFLINE and doesn't need the internet connection.

Database will be downloaded when the applying is run first time. We advocate you to use Wi-Fi connection.

Main options:

1. History - each word you ever viewed is stored in historical past.

2. Favorites – you are able to add phrases to favorites listing by clicking the star icon.

3. Managing History and Favorites lists – you are able edit those lists or clear them.

4. Various Settings – you might change application's font and theme (choose one of several color themes).

5. Word spelling, utilizing Text-To-Speech module (requires web connection). Powered by iSpeech®.

6. Context phrase search – click any phrase in translation article and search for it is translation.

7. Random word of the day widget. To see the widget in the listing the appliance must be put in to phone memory (dictionary database may be installed anywhere).

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