Islamic Education for Young People - Part 4

Islamic Education for Young People - Part 4


Islamic Education for Young People - Part 4Islamic Education for Young People - Part 4Islamic Education for Young People - Part 4Islamic Education for Young People - Part 4Islamic Education for Young People - Part 4

The fourth guide in the series of Islamic education for young individuals, by the great humanist Muhammad Amin Sheikh, could his secret be sanctified, compiled, investigated and presented by the educator Abdul Qadir Yahya, famous as Al-Dirani.

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most effective of prophets and the Imam of the Messengers, Our grasp and our beloved Muhammad, the Compassionate, the Merciful, is the most effective of those that pray and communicate together with his great Lord, so he taught humanity the sacred love of the Creator, the Beneficent, who is gracious with life, generosity, and all blessings. .

Brothers, dear professors and academics:

Interpreting the Noble Qur’an and understanding its sublime meanings makes you worthy to show college students the path of human perfection, and God did not send down His Book and revealed its meanings apart from us to walk and stroll on this lofty track. Man is a being. Thinker, and the Noble Qur’an invitations pondering and addresses man and stimulates his pondering so that he knows the value of this great e-book, as properly as the benefit of the life that God has granted to man on this world. Its actions and sayings, and he mentioned a few of the wisdom of these actions and sayings, and an explanation of Surat Al-Fatihah that the worshiper reads in his prayer, as well as there is a simplified rationalization in Arabic of some quick surahs from Juz Amma, and the interpretation of their meanings.. so that younger people who be taught prayer and others can perceive the meanings of what they read. In their prayers, especially since the majority of Muslims recite from these quick surahs in their prayers.

There can be an explanation of three prophetic hadiths that educate younger folks the significance of God Almighty sending man to this world, and educate them virtuous morals and noble foundations.. and to be eager on faith. And deal with folks with kindness, and not to wrong any creature created by God Almighty in this existence, as she teaches them to preserve what is round them, to not hurt a bird, plant or any animal created by the Almighty, the Blessed and Exalted, as a result of every thing in existence has been subjugated by God Almighty for the sake of service and happiness. People.

And there are additionally some stories by the humanist scholar Muhammad Amin Sheikho, could God sanctify his secret, that assist the scholar to know the meanings of the guide with practical and practical stories, that train the coed the right thinking and the meaningful use of thought, this system that God favored over all of His servantsWithout exception, in order that they may come to believe in God Almighty.

These sensible stories additionally train college students to not spend their time taking part in and messing around, however rather spend it with onerous work, examine, good manners, and helping others, and all those in need, as a outcome of God Almighty brought man to this life from In order to do good and acquire for his good deeds the gardens of his gracious Lord, and God is not glad with an individual who oppresses others or offends them even when they aren't of his faith. Rather, he has to help all people of all their differences and colors.. for everybody is his servants and all of them are weaved by the hand of the Lord of the worlds.

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