Surah Dukhan

Surah Dukhan

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Surah DukhanSurah Dukhan

The Surah takes its identify from the word dukhan which happens in verse 10.

Its interval of revelation additionally couldn't be decided from any genuine tradition, however the inside evidence of the subject material reveals that this Surah too was sent down in the same period during which Surah Zukhruf and a few other earlier Surahs had been revealed. However, this Surah was sent down somewhat later.

Its historical background is that this: When the disbelievers of Makkah turned increasingly more antagonistic in their angle and conduct, the Holy Prophet prayed: O God, help me with a famine just like the famine of Joseph. He thought that when the folks can be stricken with a calamity, they might bear in mind God, their hearts would soften and they'd settle for the admonition.

Allah granted his prayer, and the entire land was overtaken by such a terrible famine that the individuals have been sorely distressed. At last, a few of the Quraish chiefs among whom Hadrat Abdullah bin Masud has notably mentioned the name of Abu Sufyan came to the Holy Prophet and requested him to wish to Allah to ship his folks from the calamity. On this event Allah sent down this Surah.

Surah Dukhan, Surah Dukhaan, Surah advert Dukhan

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