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The utility of the abstract - free - features a set of supplications, dhikrs, and supplications for different instances and circumstances, drawn from the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the sayings from the ancestor of the nation, could God be happy with them, compiled by the eminent scholar Omar bin Muhammad bin Salem bin Hafeez, may God bless him

Application Features

It is split into nine chapters based on the times

Easy to make use of and browse Islamic design

Contains customizable favourites

Contains On a rosary to adjust the number

Possibility to do a search from the index

Contains an alarm to remind you of the time of remembrances

Possibility to inform a pal by multiple means

A box to receive Suggestions

Possibility to send the dhikr by a quantity of means and print it

Special index for each chapter

Audio feature for the Qur’an surahs and a few remembrances

iPhone and iPad support


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