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Mihrab Magazine

By İslami Kitaplar

Mihrab MagazineMihrab MagazineMihrab MagazineMihrab MagazineMihrab MagazineMihrab MagazineMihrab Magazine

Mihrab Magazine's Aim and Goals

At the tip of the publishing life of many well-established previous magazines, and many present magazines now not being ummah magazines, they have became community bulletins. As Mihrap Magazine household, we see ourselves as responsible for all these at a time when they're replaced and the belief, apply and ethical collapse that starts from the family and spreads to the whole society is at its peak; We goal and attempt to place forward productive actions that are not only destructive however constructive, not only important but additionally solution-oriented, and to deliver the society to a better level. It is among the aims and aims of this journal to improve and revive by making touches, to level out them their essential truths and to convey them to their authentic character. We think that there should at all times be a supra-congregational magazine that will share with the ummah. We are on the way of this publication with the aim of this publication.

Where studying is, Muslims ought to getting up from my thoughts. In this period, when the necessary care and respect was not proven to science and invitation with its coaching, aspirants and students, spiritual, practical and moral collapses that unfold from individuals to households, from families to society, and due to these reasons, the ummah was exposed to all types of psychological and bodily pressures and issues, the publications of Mihrap Magazine triggered bleeding wounds. We hope that will probably be an ointment, assist for the foundational structures which may be about to collapse, and a good news for the generations waiting for fulfillment. We act with the attention that we will attain good points with our efforts.

Today, the Book and the Sunnah receives many wounds by malicious establishments and organizations and by the enemies among us, and the Islamic battle is shedding blood in each sense day by day. For this cause, we expect that the opinion of Muslims from each area ought to be sought and a roadmap ought to be drawn through the solutions which are helpful by gathering in one place. We ought to state that we prioritize setting out with people who know their own problems and provide solutions as much as they talk about them.

At a time when quantity is prioritized and quality is disturbed, a person who stands out with a character that considers high quality and benefit as essential and strives for this. As a journal, we need to be in the publishing life and keep that means.

With this journal study, we needed to welcome our hearts to your hearts as the Mihrap household and to search out solutions together by expressing our issues and obligations. “Muslims are like parts of a body…” (Bukhari, Adab.27) as stated within the prophetic message, one body is linked with one other, who can act in a standard choice and emotion by being joyful with pleasure and unhappiness with disappointment; We wish to declare to you, our esteemed readers, that we'll work to conduce to the formation of individuals who derive their strength from the same place (the Qur'an-sunnah) although they are in several areas and might serve the identical objective.

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