Backgammon NJ for Android

Backgammon NJ for Android

By Jimmy Hu

Backgammon NJ for AndroidBackgammon NJ for AndroidBackgammon NJ for AndroidBackgammon NJ for AndroidBackgammon NJ for Android

● Versatile -- Play offline vs. laptop or in opposition to a pal in 2-player mode

● Customizable -- More choices than any other backgammon app

Play study backgammon at ability levels ranging from newbie to world-class! This app is designed for both Android phones tablets.

Backgammon NJ for Android is a full-featured recreation which uses a sophisticated, neural network-based, artificial intelligence. Play towards a computer AI or towards one other individual in 2-player mode on one system. Using Tutor Mode Hints, Backgammon NJ for Android can show you tips on how to improve your game!

Discriminating gamers will recognize how nicely the AI performs. It uses a neural community educated on hundreds of thousands of positions, a bearoff database, a match fairness table to realize strong gameplay that can problem even expert gamers.


This sport is best for folks:

• Who acknowledge the strength of neural community backgammon bots

• Who want to improve their recreation by playing in opposition to a world-class level AI

• Who are prepared to make use of in-depth, technical features included in the recreation to show that it's trustworthy (

• Who won't expect to win constantly on the upper skill levels


• Neural network-based AI

• 2 recreation varieties: Standard or Nackgammon

• 4 ability levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert

• Mersenne Twister algorithm for random number generation

• Doubling cube

• Single video games or match play as much as 25 pts

• Crawford rule for match play

• 1-player mode vs. computer

• 2-player mode on one device

• User-friendly, tap-to-move interface

• Highlighted checker motion options

• Hint Undo

• Learn with Status Meter Tutor Mode

• Game cube stats, together with Elo rating ER

• Match information: GnuBG ID, win probabilities, fairness, prime 10 moves, cube decisions

• Email match files

• Practice mode with unlimited undo (1-player vs. computer)

• Manual match recording mode with limitless undo speed mode option

• Options to reverse board direction, resign, use one-tap strikes, auto bearoff, auto end, use Jacoby rule, much more

• Match analysis (in-app purchase): Analyze past match information, view moves errors for match, step via match, bounce to position, play from position, save match recordsdata permanently


If you're having points:

• Make positive a task killer is not killing BGNJ processes.

• Run BGNJ from primary reminiscence, not from memory card.

• We cannot reply to crash reviews submitted by way of Android OS. Contact us directly: