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Armello is a grand swashbuckling journey combining three styles of play; The deep ways of card games, the rich technique of tabletop board games, and the journey of fantastical RPGs.

As a hero from one of Armello's Great Clans, you may quest, scheme, rent brokers, explore, vanquish monsters, solid spells and face off in opposition to other gamers, with one ultimate goal in mind; turning into King or Queen of Armello! The Kingdom of Armello is as harmful as it's beautiful. Perils, banes and bandits disguise round each nook and a spreading corruption generally recognized as the Rot leaves no creature untouched.

• Easy to Play however Hard to Master: Armello is simple to choose up and experience, but its deep and emergent possibilities emerge as you play. Includes acclaimed story-driven tutorial mode.

• Fast Thoughtful: Adventuring in Armello is fast-paced enjoyable filled with deadly, tactical and politically complex selections.

• Multiple Playable Heroes: Each distinctive Hero possess a particular energy, stat line, AI character and could be equipped with an Amulet and Signet Ring to further match your playstyle.

• Dynamic Sandbox: Gorgeous dynamic world which procedurally generates a new map each and every sport, full with a dynamic quest system making certain no two video games of Armello are ever the identical.

• Turn-Based Day Night Cycle: Use Action Points to journey throughout Armello's hex-based board and use our fuzzy turn-based system to play playing cards even when it's not your flip.

• True Tabletop Feel: We've spent years cherry-picking the most effective elements of the tabletop expertise, like our physics-based dice.

• Animated Cards: Over 150 superbly animated in-game Cards from artists everywhere in the world.

• World Class Soundtrack by Michael Allen and internationally acclaimed artist Lisa Gerrard.

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