Aeon #39;s End

Aeon #39;s End

By Handelabra Games

Aeon #39;s EndAeon #39;s EndAeon #39;s EndAeon #39;s EndAeon #39;s End

Randomized turn order, no shuffling, and a number of win and loss conditions make this a deck-building experience like no other!

“This is not the top of the world. That already occurred. This is what's left: us, Gravehold, and the Nameless. For generations we've taken refuge in an historical and haunted place. It has taken our mages an aeon to hone their craft, but they are ready... and they are deadly. The breaches, the very conduits through which the Nameless journey, have turn into our weapon.”

- Yaleesa Rhykk, Gravehold survivor

The state of affairs is bleak. The last city - Gravehold - wants the ability of the breach mages to carry back the Nameless. Join the fight, and maybe… just possibly, Gravehold will reside to see another daybreak.

Aeon’s End is a deck-building recreation where 1-4 mages fight cooperatively to defeat a Nameless nemesis. You begin with a beginning deck of 10 cards. Each turn you play gems to gain aether, buy new gems and relics, study new spells, and improve your casting potential by opening breaches. You can even play relics to offer yourself or your allies a boost. Then prep spells to your breaches to be able to forged them in your next flip.

What makes Aeon’s End unique is how it uses randomness. Unlike other deck-building games, you do not shuffle your deck when it runs out. The order in which you discard is preserved, so plan your discards carefully to set yourself up for later.

At the beginning of every round, the turn order deck is shuffled to determine the order of play. Will the nemesis go twice in a row, pushing again the mages’ defense? Will the mages get 4 turns in a row to arrange for the approaching onslaught? It may be exhausting to know what’s coming subsequent if you end up deep within the melee!

The breach mages of Aeon’s End are not just combating for their very own survival, but the survival of all of humanity. If town of Gravehold is ever reduced to 0 life, the mages have lost and humanity is however a reminiscence. Protect the town in any respect costs!

* What is included *

8 Breach Mages:

• Adelheim

• Brama

• Jian

• Kadir

• Lash

• Mist

• Phaedraxa

• Xaxos

Each Mage has a novel starting card and a capability that can be charged to use in the struggle. For instance, Kadir has a gem that heals any mage, and an ability to let any mage prep lots of spells. Xaxos has a spell that reveals the top card of the flip order deck and a capability that helps allies cost their talents.

You build your deck with player playing cards from the market. 3 gems, 2 relics, and 4 spells permit you to grow your powers to carry again the nemesis. The market is constructed from 27 distinctive gems, relics, and spells. Either take a randomly generated market, or construct the perfect one your self during setup.

4 Nameless Nemeses:

• Carapace Queen

• Crooked Mask

• Prince of Gluttons

• Rageborne

Each Nemesis performs differently with unique mechanics to maintain even essentially the most highly effective breach mages on their toes. Rageborne lays on the injury in a frontal assault using its Strike Deck, whereas the Prince of Gluttons fights more of a war of attrition, devouring participant cards from the market.

Aside from their distinctive mechanics, the Nemesis deck is created earlier than each recreation from a combination of primary and nemesis-specific cards. You might encounter the same Nemesis many occasions, but it's going to never attack you in exactly the identical means twice.

Expand your gameplay options with In App Purchase:

• Promo Pack 1 consists of mage Xae from One Deck Dungeon, together with 3 digital unique player playing cards and 3 basic nemesis cards.

• The Nameless contains 2 nemeses, 1 mage, and seven player cards.

• The Depths contains 1 nemesis, 3 mages, and 8 player playing cards.

• The New Age greater than doubles the content material within the core game, and introduces the Expedition system!

The last of humanity need your protection! Pick up the mantle, focus your breaches, and beat back the Nameless - We’re all counting on you!

Aeon's End is an officially licensed product of “Aeon's End” from Indie Boards and Cards and Action Phase Games.

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