Billionaire Quest

Billionaire Quest

By シフトアップネット

Billionaire QuestBillionaire QuestBillionaire QuestBillionaire QuestBillionaire Quest

Select a card and progress through the map. When you land on an area, something might happen or you could possibly buy a Property.

Buy plenty of Properties, increase your rank through Investments, and gather Rent out of your opponents!

Your goal is to have probably the most Assets and to Bankrupt your opponents.

It's quite easy, but additionally complex. Start off with easy Quests to get into the swing of the sport.

Enjoy the satisfaction of buying up all of the Properties and accumulating large payments.

Get all the Characters, Maps, Titles, and Complete the entire many Quests!

Daily Quests may also appear as quickly as you have accomplished all of the Quests.

Don't forget to tackle the nationwide rankings!

Everything is totally free of cost, and freed from in-game purchases.Enjoy the game to your coronary heart's content material without any concern of sneaky payments!

Special Thanks: - Mori no Oku no Kakurezato - Free Icon Materials - Deku Koubou - First Seed Material

Rittor Music, and so on.