Chess Middlegame IV

Chess Middlegame IV

By Chess King

Chess Middlegame IV course composed by GM Alexander Kalinin is aimed at educating a pupil a lot of the middlegame strategies and intricacies by way of a theoretical section. This course consists of 560 educating examples and 530 workout routines for 1800-2400 ELO: Ruy Lopez, two Knights' protection, French defense, Sicilian protection, Caro-Kann defense, King's indian protection, Nimzo-indian protection, English opening and so on.

This course is within the sequence Chess King Learn (, which is an unprecedented chess instructing technique. In the collection are included programs in techniques, strategy, openings, middlegame, and endgame, break up by levels from novices to skilled players, and even professional players.

With the help of this course, you probably can improve your chess knowledge, be taught new tactical tricks and mixtures, and consolidate the acquired knowledge into practice.

The program acts as a coach who offers duties to resolve and helps to solve them if you get caught. It provides you with hints, explanations and present you even putting refutation of the mistakes you would possibly make.

The program additionally incorporates a theoretical section, which explains the strategies of the sport in a sure stage of the sport, based mostly on precise examples. The concept is introduced in an interactive way, which suggests you cannot solely read the textual content of the teachings, but in addition to make moves on the board and work out unclear moves on the board.

Advantages of the program:

♔ High quality examples, all double-checked for correctness

♔ You need to enter all key moves, required by the teacher

♔ Different ranges of complexity of the tasks

♔ Various targets, which need to be reached in the problems

♔ The program offers trace if an error is made

♔ For typical mistaken strikes, the refutation is shown

♔ You can play out any place of the duties in opposition to the computer

♔ Interactive theoretical lessons

♔ Structured table of contents

♔ The program displays the change in the ranking (ELO) of the player in the course of the studying process

♔ Test mode with flexible settings

♔ Possibility to bookmark favorite exercises

♔ The application is customized to the larger display of a tablet

♔ The utility does not require an internet connection

♔ You can hyperlink the app to a free Chess King account and remedy one course from several devices on Android, iOS and Web at the similar time

The course includes a free part, in which you can test this system. Lessons provided in the free model are fully functional. They let you test the applying in real world circumstances earlier than releasing the following matters:

1. Ruy Lopez

1.1. Ruy Lopez

1.2. Jaenisch gambit

1.3. Arkhangelsk variation

2. Two Knights game

2.1. Two Knights game

2.2. 4. Ng5

2.3. 4. d4

3. French defense

3.1. French defense

3.2. Nimzowitch variation 3. e5

3.3. Classic variation 3. Nc3 Nf6

4. Sicilian protection. Richter-Rauser Variation

4.1. Sicilian protection. Richter-Rauser variation

4.2. 6... e6 7. Qd2 Be7

4.3. 7... h6

4.4. 7... a6

5. Caro-Kann protection. Advance variation 3. e5

6. King's Indian defense

6.1. King's indian defense

6.2. Saemisch system

6.3. Classical system

6.4. Fianchetto variation

6.5. Averbakh system

7. Nimzo-Indian defense. Rubinstein system

7.1. Nimzo-indian defense. Rubinstein system

7.2. 4... b6

7.3. 4... c5

7.4. 4... O-O

8. Slav defense

8.1. Slav defense

8.2. 4... dxc4

8.3. Chebanenko variation 4... a7-a6

9. Tartakower-Makagonov-Bondarevsky (TMB) system

10. English opening

10.1. English opening

10.2. 4... e5 5. Nb5 d5 6. cxd5 Bc5

10.3. 4... e6 5. g3 d5 6. Bg2 e5 7. Nf3 d4

11. Hanham variation against 1. d4

11.1. Hanham variation towards 1. d4

11.2. Development the bishop on e2

11.3. Development the bishop on g2

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