Dot Maker - Pixel Art Painter

Dot Maker - Pixel Art Painter

By 아티펑크

Dot Maker - Pixel Art PainterDot Maker - Pixel Art PainterDot Maker - Pixel Art PainterDot Maker - Pixel Art PainterDot Maker - Pixel Art Painter

★Supported Languages: English, Korean, Japanese

★OS: Android (Ice Cream Sandwich or more)

★Recommended display: 1280*720 or more

★Contact Us: [email protected]


Dot Maker - Pixel Art painter

for Game, NFT, Animation



The most helpful utility of pixel art!

This app is knowledgeable software for 2D sport makers.




1. Device: Smartphone, Tablet

2. Dot Maker offers canvas of sizes 10*10~400*400px.

3. Allows the utilization of four layers and mini layer. (copy, merge, transfer, delete...)

4. Zoom of twice the gadget horizontal dimension.

5. Pen menu: pen, eraser, shade picker, anti-aliasing (brush), palette, colours window.

6. Color fill

7. Export PNG picture and import it or images in gallery.

8. Change canvas size or picture dimension while drawing.




Company: ArtiPunk

E-mail: [email protected]


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