Pixly - Pixel Art Editor

Pixly - Pixel Art Editor

By Gustavo Maciel

Pixly - Pixel Art EditorPixly - Pixel Art EditorPixly - Pixel Art EditorPixly - Pixel Art EditorPixly - Pixel Art Editor

Pixly is a whole pixel artwork editor for Android units. It excels where all other editors for phones and tablets fall quick.

It has many useful features, and its design was made with phones and tablets in thoughts.

Here's a quick list of the features you may discover in Pixly:

• Animations with onion skinning;

• Layers;

• Mini view with customizable level of zoom for quick preview;

• Dropbox and Google Drive integration;

• Controls intuitive for touchscreen;

Try pinching with two fingers to maneuver and zoom the artboard, or pinching with three fingers to change the brush size!

• Contextual tools;

• Undo, Redo and History;

• Social options (Share, Twitter @DailySilhouettes and @PixelDailies);

• Text drawing;

• Palettes;

• Color ramps;

• Opacity;

• Transparent and non clear background;

• Patterns;

• Arcs and Curves;

• Real time image tiling;

• Symmetry with customizable mirrors;

• References;

• Grids;

• Copy-Paste;

• Lots of shade effects;

• And more!