LayerPaint Zero

LayerPaint Zero


- To create a brand new drawing or save a drawing, click on the three vertical buttons within the higher proper nook of the display.

- Please use it for illustration, picture processing, memo, drawing, tracing, doodling, and so on.

Thank you for utilizing LayerPaint Zero!

Please note

- This isn't a trial version of LayerPaint (315 yen)

- It is a restricted model of LayerPaint HD. (LayerPaint HD Help)

Main features

- Brush functions (pen, eraser, watercolor, airbrush)

- Layer functions (add, delete, merge down, up, down, flip up/down/left/right)

- Clipping and opacity safety on the layer below

- Work whereas flipping left/right view

- Save and delete hue ring palette and color palette

- Undo and redo (Undo, Redo)

- Save and load in MDP format (compatible with FireAlpaca files)

- Import and export in PSD format (compatible with Photoshop files)

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