Ecorche: Portrait Anatomy

Ecorche: Portrait Anatomy

By Kirill Chikalin

Ecorche: Portrait AnatomyEcorche: Portrait AnatomyEcorche: Portrait AnatomyEcorche: Portrait AnatomyEcorche: Portrait Anatomy

Ecorhe is a conveyable mini art studio with an in depth anatomical mannequin of the human head.

Knowledge of anatomy is crucial for creating vivid and plausible portraits. Ecorhe is an anatomy learning app specifically for artists.

The app has an intuitive interface for easy navigation by way of 4 layers of facial anatomy:

• Skeletal — the foundation of the body, the bony landmarks help us observe the muscular tissues.

• Muscular — muscles give the physique it’s primary form.

• Fat — fat pads have a significant impact on the form of the face.

• Skin — skin is a layer with extra subtle options for an artist to seize.

Skin, fat and muscular layers could be seen in translucency (X-Ray mode) to discover the layers relationships.

In the Gypsum Mode, you'll be able to flip your mannequin into a sculpture.

You can also customize the three-point lighting to your style and thus research form, value and colour.

In the free version, you can observe the skin layer in both default and gypsum modes, all different capabilities can be found within the Pro version.

The Lex model is created by the talented sculptor Kent Trammell from CG Cookie.