FayNet. Home of fairy-teens

FayNet. Home of fairy-teens

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FayNet. Home of fairy-teensFayNet. Home of fairy-teensFayNet. Home of fairy-teensFayNet. Home of fairy-teensFayNet. Home of fairy-teens

The fantasy world of Fairy-teens has arrived - select one of many 5 little fairies to fly and discover their enchanting residence, play thrilling mini-games, read Fairy Land news!

Fairy-teens are 5 small creatures with magic abilities. They stay among folks, however remain invisible, though they sometimes significantly affect the humans’ lives.

Each of them has her own distinctive expertise.

When a fairy gets older, she starts to strongly participate within the massive world’s actions, supporting the humans’ aspiration to magnificence. When they develop up, probably the most talented fairies turn into muses and inspire artists and scientists. Others simply assist create magnificence day-to-day.

With devotion and fervour, most actions work as true magic, and your environment modifications from being a boring impersonal area crammed with the strange and mundane, into an enchanted world, the place a fairytale hides in each nook.

The fairy-teens world goes to be fully unveiled to the general public throughout the next few years via a sequence of animated episodes and cellular apps coming out.

The heart of the mobile part of that fantasy universe would be the FayNet app.

FayNet is a 3D cellular app that takes players into fairy-teens dwelling place (a human girl’s room). Having chosen one of the 5 fairies, customers can fly across the room, explore it, tap on objects, interact with them, and find and play various video games and actions.

The first launch of the FayNet incorporates:

* Find-the-difference

* Spot it!

* Puzzles

* Memo games

* Gomoku mini-game

* 3D Coloring

* Fairy land’s newsfeed

* Fairy cinema

The app is totally free, download it now, meet and benefit from the world of Fairy-teens!

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