Evil Nun: Horror at School

Evil Nun: Horror at School

By Keplerians Horror Games

Evil Nun: Horror at SchoolEvil Nun: Horror at SchoolEvil Nun: Horror at SchoolEvil Nun: Horror at SchoolEvil Nun: Horror at School

★★★★★ Over 50 million players have already felt the fear ★★★★★★

After receiving a mysterious invitation to a summer camp, you're captured by Sister Madeline inside Eagle's Junior High School. Now, your mission is to flee the college before Sister Madeline manages to complete her evil plan. Explore the varsity as you escape from Sister Madeline in your quest to regain your freedom. Solve puzzles and challenges until you discover one of the a quantity of escape routes in the recreation.

Discover the secrets and techniques hidden in the laundry room and the mysterious boy with blue hands to complete the sport 100%.

Some options:

★ The most famous horror game!

★ Fun puzzles: Solve intelligent puzzles to escape from the school.

★ Mini-games: Complete puzzles within the form of mini-games and challenges that may check your talent.

★ Multiple escape routes: Discover all available ways to escape from the college.

★ Large map: Freely discover a big map with many secrets and techniques to find.

★ Intriguing story: Discover all the reality hidden behind the walls of Eagle's Junior High School.

★ Different difficulties: Play at your personal tempo and explore without threat in Ghost Mode, or take on Sister Madeline in different problem levels that may take a look at your skill.

★Customize your games: Unlock new weapons, school decorations and skins for Evil Nun to customise the game to your tastes.

★ A terrifyingly enjoyable game appropriate for everyone!

If you need to have a scary time, play Evil Nun: Horror in school now and try to escape from this horror college. Frights are guaranteed.

It is really helpful to play with headphones for a better experience.

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