Rocket Flip

Rocket Flip

By TappyLabs

Rocket FlipRocket FlipRocket FlipRocket FlipRocket Flip

★ Tap to leap

★ Avoid obstacles

★ Use gadgets

★ Discover 10 UNIQUE Galaxies

★ Collect Tokens and unlock cool Skins

★ Level Up!

★ Set a excessive rating and beat all of your friends!

You are an astronomer and about to explore space. Try to get the unmanned rocket so far as attainable without colliding with celestial our bodies.

The rocket follows a rhythm with which it rotates. Tap everytime you need the rocket to maneuver within the path it is pointed.

Along the way you'll come across PowerUps that can make your journey easier. The thrust (purple) boosts your rocket up a bit and provides it invulnerability for a brief time.

The shield (orange) offers you a defend for five seconds. Pay consideration to the sound to know when it expires.

The Synth Boost (red) is a really not often occurring PowerUp. Collect it whenever you see it.

You will also encounter tokens with your rocket, which you can acquire and spend in the store to purchase new rockets.

The more you play, the upper your level will go. Reach high ranges to unlock new rockets!

On your journey you will cross many distinctive galaxies. Can you get your rocket to the Laniakea Supercluster?

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