Proceed: Jump and dash!

Proceed: Jump and dash!

By One Color Games ApS

Proceed: Jump and dash!Proceed: Jump and dash!Proceed: Jump and dash!Proceed: Jump and dash!Proceed: Jump and dash!

Proceed and run your method through 6 simplistic bodily geometric platform worlds in a twilight setting. Dash, leap, journey and roll over gaps and obstacles. Smash and break obstructions and glass factors. Each game world has its own unique play type and prospects with 15 platform ranges to journey.

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Platform worlds:

• 1. World: Jump, sprint and break your method through the physical ranges.

• 2. World: A ball which might jump and run greater however you can get reflected!

• 3. World: Toggle reside between the two previous ball styles, and make the most of their strengths and weaknesses!

• 4. World: Shoot, run and clear your way.

• 5. World: Unable to jump but you'll be able to build bridges over gaps and obstacles.

• 6. World: Let the AI/Computer play; you can only rearrange the level so the AI can proceed.

The one and only IAP is to take away all commercial.

Have fun!