By teamcoil



This game incorporates flashing graphics that could probably trigger seizures in folks with photosensitive epilepsy

You have to get by way of mazes without touching walls to achieve the exit portal. PUSS features several worlds guarded by bosses. By beating each world you will release an ally who will assist you to on your journey. All the degrees are randomly sequenced so each run is different!


• The ranges are harder than they give the impression of being. Prepare for a random sequence of mind-bending levels!

• Boss fights! The actual bullet hell!

• Free your future partners they usually'll assist you to battle evil!

• Compare your results with other players on the leaderboard.

• Various avatars in your cat :3

IGN: “This game is BANANAS!”

Markiplier: “The weirdest sport I've ever played however I'M GLAD I DID!”

Jacksepticeye: This recreation makes me want to maintain trying again and again again

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