Alien Blob io

Alien Blob io


Alien Blob ioAlien Blob ioAlien Blob ioAlien Blob ioAlien Blob io

Think you'll be able to deal with being the largest blob within the universe? Then welcome to Alien Blob! Get prepared for the action-packed enjoyable multiplayer recreation in opposition to tons of other blobs who all need 1st place!

The game seems easy – eat smaller blobs like agario to develop quick and destroy smaller enemies. But it's not that easy! There are no bots in the sport – only real gamers who want to win it all! Be smarter, faster, and extra crafty to prove you're the most effective blob on this multiplayer game! Brace your self for the web action you've by no means seen! Join the epic battle!

Why you'll love Alien Blob io:

- Great competition against actual players

- Cool graphics shiny blob skins

- Minimalist eye-catching design

- Clean interface with none tips or complicated instructions

- Easy controls

- Fun gameplay

Download one of the best io free video games to play with friends! Kick again, develop your agario alien and enjoy the wild cellular on-line motion. Unlock rewards and be No.1!