Snake Towers

Snake Towers

By Set Snail

Snake TowersSnake TowersSnake TowersSnake TowersSnake Towers

On top of the tallest towers in the universe lives a snake like creature. Endlessly wandering around, looking for shiny objects and upgrades, to have the ability to delay his short existence.

Slither from tower to tower looking for gold items that make your tail grow. Find rare gems and upgrades to help you in your journey. But beware of the cursed towers, they will problem you with reversed controls or shaking grounds, just to call a quantity of.

Game features

- Easy to learn

- Explore infinite towers and study as you go

- Unlock skins in your Snake, that you can combine collectively as you please

- 200 totally different rooms, such as: Puzzle rooms, upgrade rooms and cursed rooms!

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