DinoMao Real Claw Machine Game

DinoMao Real Claw Machine Game

By GA Asia Ltd

DinoMao Real Claw Machine GameDinoMao Real Claw Machine GameDinoMao Real Claw Machine GameDinoMao Real Claw Machine GameDinoMao Real Claw Machine Game

Welcome to your very personal mobile arcade! ‘Catch’ the fun of DinoMao’s arcade gaming experience with REAL remote-control claw video games crane machines.

With DinoMao’s live claw machines, YOU management real claw games catch real toys and prizes on-line, from miles away. Then… your prize arrives at your door!

New to Dinomao’s claw machines? Join now and get UNLIMITED plays till your first win - your prize is assured. Feel the push of catching that first prize - and come back for more whereas we ship your delivery

Learn to WIN at DinoMao’s stay claw machines

Play our arcade crane video games by remotely controlling our exclusive bodily claw machines.

1. Choose the prize YOU want from a HUGE catalog of fun objects.

2. Take management of the claw in all FOUR directions

3. Feel the claw grabber move at your command

4. Use our patented laser pointer to help your aim

5. Check your place from TWO totally different video angles

6. Set the claw to GRAB at your goal prize!

Did your claw win the prize? CLAIM IT AND SHIP IT!

Or, gather the tickets and stage up for even better prizes and extra crane games!

Choose from a HUGE number of prizes

Catch the prize you love - devices, jewellery, toys similar to anime plushies and Hello Kitty, and Funko Pop figures and action figures from anime exhibits corresponding to Pokemon, Demon Slayer, Sailor Moon, and lots of other cool prizes! The download is free, and upon signing up, you get limitless video games to play free of charge until you finally WIN! Our online claw machines are ready for you!

Play claw video games, and get your wins despatched to you.

Already a DinoMao Claw Master?

- Can you full the claw machine challenges in your TASK LIST?

- Will you claw your way to the highest of the Leaderboard?

- Will you collect sufficient tickets to win these SPECIAL prizes?

Get the exclusive VIP Pass to play more online claw machine video games and revel in tons of bonuses!

Will you be the Real Claw Machine Master? Download DinoMao now and receive FREE COINS EVERY DAY!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dinomaoapp

Website: https://www.dinomao.com


Please examine our ToS earlier than playing.

Possession of multiple accounts by the same particular person is prohibited.

Terms of Service: https://www.dinomao.com/terms-of-service

Privacy Policy: https://www.dinomao.com/privacy

About the network delay

- 4G / 5G / Wi-fi Suggested

- As you may be controlling the actual crane machine remotely using the video and controls streaming in real-time, you could experience delays with video or controls if the connection is unstable. Please be careful when you're playing from a location with weaker connections, or when you're taking part in while on the street.

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