Mage Defense

Mage Defense

By WestRiver

Mage DefenseMage Defense

The mage castle faced big crisis becasue monsters from devildom invaded into the citadel.

Please defend the castle from monsters by employing varied mages exterior of the fort. Don't cross many monsters, or you'll lose the sport.

Mage defense is a typical TOWER DEFENSE recreation, to protect the Mage castle from evil monsters by placing various mages with their capabilities in finest strategic positions. We ended up creating a cool mixture of well-liked TD, fatasy temper enjoyable of elevating characters just like RPG.

How to play

- Place units the method in which monsters cross, and they'll attact them automatically.

- Add extra units or improve their ability to enhance defensive energy with gold you've got. The extra waves you pass, the stronger monsters rush.

- Once you clear a stage, you're going to get star and gem points in accordance with the variety of lives.

- Some monster leaves a gem after they die. You can collect them by touching it.

- You can use gem to improve a unit extra stronger, or purchase skills in improve scene.

- You can easily defeat the monsters when you make full use of the properties of monster like PHYSICS, ICE, FIRE, ELECTRIC.


- Traditional fantasy-style cute characters

- A stunning feeling of beating monsters

- Engrossing and addictive recreation play.

- Variety of methods from combos of four components to beat monsters

- Impressive and helpful deadly abilities.

- Absorbing and pleasant a hundred phases.

- Endless entering enticing 20 kinds of monsters.

- An eye-catching beautiful icon.

※ We are preparing up-date for more characters and phases.

※ Please share your personal technique by utilizing #MageDefense in twitter.