Mystery Trackers: Darkwater

Mystery Trackers: Darkwater

By Elephant Games AR LLC

Mystery Trackers: DarkwaterMystery Trackers: DarkwaterMystery Trackers: DarkwaterMystery Trackers: DarkwaterMystery Trackers: Darkwater

After a well-known underwater archaeologist disappears, you, the best Mystery Trackers detective, are sent to investigate the case. The lacking scientist has been researching the Atlantis and has found an historic powerful artifact of the residents of the underwater world. Only it can save you him and forestall the relic from getting into mistaken hands!

● Rescue the scientist and the whole world!

The legends say that Atlanteans had an artifact able to controlling the ocean. A famous scientist has been on the lookout for it, and his analysis has attracted the criminals. Save the scientist and forestall the villains from getting the treasure that can shatter the global order!

● Uncover the secrets and techniques of atlantis!

Play participating mini-games and punctiliously search for the gadgets in hidden object scenes to regain the treasure of the underwater people and prevent the catastrophe.

● Revive the traditional civilization in the bonus chapter

The world is at risk again, and only the ancient race that was was stone centuries in the past can stop the wrongdoings. Can you lift the curse?

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