Lost in the Dungeon:PuzzleGame

Lost in the Dungeon:PuzzleGame

By Ninetap

Lost in the Dungeon:PuzzleGameLost in the Dungeon:PuzzleGameLost in the Dungeon:PuzzleGameLost in the Dungeon:PuzzleGameLost in the Dungeon:PuzzleGame

Roguelike puzzle sport, Lost In The Dungeon.

Experience the rise and fall of heroes with only one puzzle.

Connect the elements with one contact and assault the dungeon.

Earn more expertise and money and develop endlessly.

Value one flip, one turn!

Only the strategy ensures your survival.

Death is at all times truthful.

★ Simple rules! And superb addictive!

A easy rule that ends by merely connecting blocks of the same color

The pleasure of an infinite combo

Reverse the unfavorable state of affairs at once with distinctive skills!

★ The Cruel World of Roguelike

Growth within the sport is very quick. And every time, it'll ask you a query.

Which gear to buy and what ability to raise is healthier suited to survival.

If the enemy's harm is too hurt, you can purchase higher armor or enhance your well being.

If the enemy doesn't die, you ought to purchase a stronger weapon.

It can additionally be a way to pursue more gold.

If you can not make the best selection, it's dying only.

★ Combine varied expertise and puzzles to kill enemies

All expertise are designed to work with puzzles.

You can also use the suitable skills to overturn the battlefield.

Shuffle blocks, blow them broad, erase enemies, or reflect harm.

Various abilities can be found and you can use it based on your strategy.

And all of them are free.

Key Features

* 24 characters with distinctive strategies

* 40 varieties of various monsters

* Weapons and equipments with limitless mixtures.

* Unlike puzzle video games, really feel the great sense of hit

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