Oden Cart 4: Life Goes On

Oden Cart 4: Life Goes On

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Oden Cart 4: Life Goes OnOden Cart 4: Life Goes OnOden Cart 4: Life Goes OnOden Cart 4: Life Goes OnOden Cart 4: Life Goes On

Welcome to Tokyo, a metropolis of clamor and crowds. A place where the broth is sizzling, the winters are chilly, and other people's lives typically take shocking turns.

See that oden cart? It's a small cell meals stand that sells hot bowls of hearty broth stocked with quite lots of hand-picked components, from daikon radish to tofu. Here Gramps, the taciturn proprietor, serves meals to a rotating forged of customers who sit for a spell at one of the cart's few available seats.

In Oden Cart 4: ~Life Goes On~, take on the position of the oden cart owner and serve scrumptious bowls of oden to your customers! As they dig in, they're going to strike up a dialog, share their troubles, and give you a glimpse of the thrill and sorrows that delight and plague them.

Sell enough food and you'll save up money with which you'll find a way to inventory new kinds of oden. Customers all have their favourite types of oden, and should you serve them sufficient of them they'll turn out to be regular customers.

This means they will grasp round longer and eat more oden! You may find yourself listening to them gripe about the identical thing a few times, however persistence is a advantage, and virtues are always rewarded ultimately. The more you get to know your clients, the extra probably they will be to let you know more about themselves...and perhaps even let you know what they really think!

Oden 4: ~Life Goes On~ is the 4th installment of the popular Oden Cart sequence. Not only is there a fun main story so that you can experience, we also have a massive

additional story episode* out there for download! If the main course is not enough, why not go in for a second helping?

*The extra episode requires an actual cash buy.




Bundled up in opposition to the chilly, crowds hurry backward and forward. They barely appear to notice the presence of a single outdated man, quietly trudging down the road pulling a meals cart.

For his half, he provides them a cursory glance at times, however principally focuses on putting one heavy, plodding foot in front of the other—much like the individuals who don't appear to pay him much thoughts.

This is an oden cart.

A small food stall the place people can seize a fast bite. And tonight, like so many other nights, a quantity of souls will step out of the gloom and sit for a spell, in search of a hot meal and a second's respite. Each of them bears their very own joys and sorrows, their dreams and regrets.

Tonight, at this cart, a miraculous little story will reveal itself.

And should you so want, you could be there to witness it for your self.


Additional Episode Details


This episode is a story set in an alternate universe from that of the primary story. Though some characters may look the same, they're completely totally different individuals here in this parallel oden dimension.

Their tales, nevertheless, are just as gripping, simply as crammed with ups and downs, and hopefully just as a lot fun to experience!


English Lead:

Gavin Greene

English Translation:

Jeffrey Wilson

Thomas Threlfo

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