Castle of darkness: Quests

Castle of darkness: Quests

By AnlimitDEV

Castle of darkness: QuestsCastle of darkness: QuestsCastle of darkness: QuestsCastle of darkness: QuestsCastle of darkness: Quests

Castle of darkness is a platformer game with puzzle parts. Quests are waiting for you in each room!

This story began in the castle of one of many kingdoms. It would seem that it's reliably shielded from all types of threats by crafty mechanisms, puzzles and riddles. Suddenly the kingdom is overtaken by darkness and the king is kidnapped by the shadows.

Each degree is a room with a hint and a unique quest (or a number of quests), finishing them, you move into the depths of the fort to solve its curse.

You have to resolve many uncommon riddles, puzzles and snatch your king from the clutches of shadows! But the story would not end there, it simply begins! After rescuing the king, the tower of magicians will open for you. Completing the following quests in it, you will be closer to fixing what happened to the castle.

Unlike the knight, who receives his unique capability only after saving the king, the magician's teleportation skill is on the market initially of the game for him.

If you like genres corresponding to adventure, platforming, puzzles, quests, or just need to have an excellent time - then this game is for you

Download Castle of darkness and start your adventure proper now!

• Nice graphics will depart solely optimistic impressions

• Simple and intuitive controls make it straightforward to begin playing

• Interesting quests won't let you get bored within the game

• Tricky puzzles and strange riddles await you in this castle

• Look at the hint if the extent seemed troublesome :)