Beggar Life Clicker adventure

Beggar Life Clicker adventure

By manababa

Beggar Life Clicker adventureBeggar Life Clicker adventureBeggar Life Clicker adventureBeggar Life Clicker adventureBeggar Life Clicker adventure

A beggar themed Idle and clicker Game,

There hasn't been such Click/Tap sport like this beggar before!


*What can tapping on the screen do for you? what's so special?

*Get money!!! Wow~!!!*

◈ Increase the level of the CEO beggar!

Increasing the CEO beggars degree will increase gold per click(tap)!

◈ Hire a beggar part-timer!

Hire help to earn more money.

You can enhance the capability of the money you earn with the help of fashionista, rocker, artist, pianist, soccer participant, scientist, doctor, judge, king, alien

◈ Purchase properties!

You can make more money by purchasing and promoting properties

◈ Purchase artwork!

You can earn more money by buying and promoting art work

◈ Acquire corporations and cities

Show the world your awesomeness by acquiring the mega corporates and cities

◈ Collect beggar cards!

All beggars have their unique tales. Twice as moving when you understand the story!

◈ Tap the display screen together with your friends and family to turn into closer!

Go inform your family members..

Wanna play beggars?

◈ Enter the wealthy tower and compete with the world's richest men!

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