Theatrical company Prince

Theatrical company Prince


Theatrical company PrinceTheatrical company PrinceTheatrical company PrinceTheatrical company PrinceTheatrical company Prince

A full-voice romance journey presented by Tope, who produced the TV anime Gakuen Handsome! Become the leader of good-looking idols who also perform leisure actions and save the theater firm ♪ Contact affirmation app with handsome people!


A complete of 48 influencers, including singers and recreation commentators, participated ♪

Hatori Ukon Stun Gun

Keisuke Inaba Shakemi

Yukito Morisaki

Sagami Sturm und Dragon Junji Gurutamin

Rinku Tsukamoto Shirubana


Shinyashiki Ryo Kanse

Mia Satoukibi

Joji Isaji

Sagawa Ukyo Kojima Clerk

Naniwa Yamato Sepia


Ao Esaki, Yuma Kamei

Makoto Yamazaki, Kenshi Takada

Kan Ito, Professor Limone


Extra Content

Extra content will be released relying on the progress of the primary story ♪

・ Ryo route

・ Extra state of affairs

・ Special mode

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