The Academy: The First Riddle

The Academy: The First Riddle

By Snapbreak

The Academy: The First RiddleThe Academy: The First RiddleThe Academy: The First RiddleThe Academy: The First RiddleThe Academy: The First Riddle

Arbor’s famed Academy has always been a place where brilliance and mystery go hand in hand. Step into the footwear of Sam, a freshman who will soon discover that each greatness and dread are to be found in the historical halls of the school.

With a little help from your mates, tackle all of the challenges the Academy has to offer and turn into part of the story in distinction to any you’ve played.

- Think outdoors the box with over 200 unique puzzles and riddles that will challenge even probably the most seasoned players

- Explore the visually attractive Academy with all the secrets and techniques it holds

- Unravel a centuries-old mystery looming over the varsity and the town of Arbor

They say that behind every nook of the Academy lies a riddle ready to be solved.

Are you able to tackle the challenge?

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