Zombie Gunship Survival - Action Shooter

Zombie Gunship Survival - Action Shooter

By Flaregames

Zombie Gunship Survival - Action ShooterZombie Gunship Survival - Action ShooterZombie Gunship Survival - Action ShooterZombie Gunship Survival - Action ShooterZombie Gunship Survival - Action Shooter

Survive the apocalypse and play this zombie survival sport. Unleash hellfire into the lifeless from your gun ship seat in the AC a hundred thirty. In a world where a lot of the inhabitants was zombies, a couple of survivors battle the zombie horde attacks from a navy operations base.

Build up your defenses in your base because the final shelter for survival. Help your floor troops complete their objectives from your ac one hundred thirty gunship. The zg survival of your squad in opposition to the strolling zombies rests on your shoulders. Become a legendary weapon collector!

Equip your AC a hundred thirty gunship with undead effective weapons and upgrade them for more injury and spread your struggle wings! Shoot zombies from above to defend your military. Loot treasured assets, gold and different rewards, convey them again to base and construct your protection to repel zombie assaults in this zg survival game


- Provide air support for your troops from a mounted gun against the useless hordes of zombies. Plan your mission before deploying your troops to attain maximum efficiency

- Play Assault, Demolition, Sniper and Scout and equip sensible weapons

- Military correct infrared night time imaginative and prescient. Realistic and upgradable weaponry and difficult first person shooter fight situations from your gunner seat.

- Zombies with a quantity of terrifying talents threaten your squad’s security. Hard to kill titan zombies will be a challenge to your shooter skills and pose a danger to zg survival.

- Collect gold and other rewards to construct better defenses in your shelter. Upgrade your tower defenses, barricades, weapons and weapons to defend your military base in opposition to zombie assaults in this zombie taking pictures recreation.

- Shoot the most zombies utilizing totally different weapons in weekly occasions for legendary rewards!

- Play with a vibrant neighborhood. Discuss shooter game methods with pals.

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Parental guide

Zombie Gunship Survival is free to download and play, nevertheless some sport gadgets can be bought for actual money. If you don’t wish to use these options, please disable in-app purchases in your Google Play settings. According to our Terms of Service, Zombie Gunship Survival is allowed for download and play only for individuals 16 years or extra of age, or with express parental consent. You can learn extra right here: http://www.flaregames.com/parents-guide/FESFES.