Titan Glory

Titan Glory

By Atypical Games

Titan GloryTitan GloryTitan GloryTitan GloryTitan Glory

Titan Glory is a sci-fi mech combat sport with an emphasis on mech and weapon selection, a quantity of game modes and spectacular combat arenas.

In the close to future, mech fight sports activities are all of the rage! Various match guidelines and goals deliver the fun of the game in glorious skirmishes crammed with explosions and projectiles.

Taking half in tournaments and successful matches will earn you priceless credits and ranks. In flip these will give you entry to 12 mechs with totally different weapon loadouts and attributes. For all of them you will have to select which component to improve and where to push your machine to the bounds.

Each mech comes with its own play style characteristics and weapon loadout. Upgrade this infernal machine to attain utter arena dominance and glory.

The matches happen in 6 large arenas designed for various play kinds and eventualities. From city facilities to plan fields and historic temples every enviornment has its own spirit and magnificence.

Players can hone their skills in offline tournaments and at last come for the true glory in explosive 12 participant on-line matches. Compete with people from all around the world or create your personal private matches of your folks only.

12 mechs to unlock and upgrade

6 big varied arenas to grasp and dominate

7 major weapons for enormous obliteration

4 secondary weapons for a tactical advantage

9 recreation modes to maintain you in your edge

12 tournaments to claim glory over

12 player online matches

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