Three Defenders 2

Three Defenders 2

By Solid Games Studio

Three Defenders 2Three Defenders 2Three Defenders 2Three Defenders 2Three Defenders 2


Three Defenders 2 is a action, fort protection game. Play as a Ranger and defend villages from the hordes of evil creatures. Buy and improve new weapons with different special results to extend harm. Acquire and improve completely different skills to progress further within the sport. Meet a narrative of the Ranger and explore totally different worlds. You will meet totally different kinds of monsters and boss fights on your way.



- Fantasy, motion, castle defense game

- Play as a Ranger

- 5 Different worlds

- Over a hundred and fifty Levels to complete

- Over 25 different weapons to purchase and upgrade

- Over 35 completely different expertise to buy and upgrade

- Boss fights

- Story



Agorai, a brother of the Golden Rangers Order, during your Major Ordeal, forces of the Darkness overcame your thoughts. Desire for energy and control poisoned your noble coronary heart. According to the law of our Order, a demise was awaiting you. But your Mother cried and stood behind you. She negotiated with us your fate. You have been put into the Deep Dream. Many centuries passed away. Many springs gave life to flowers and birds, and many winters introduced rest and dying. Now, your time of redemption has arrived. “Awake… Awake… Awake my beloved from the dream”, whispers to your ear your Mother. Now, it’s your time to pay the debts, your time to scrub your Soul from the sins. You don’t remember something, but that was the aim...