Shouty Heads

Shouty Heads

By Protostar

Shouty HeadsShouty HeadsShouty HeadsShouty HeadsShouty Heads

Yaaaaaahhhh! What’s that sound? It’s Shouty Heads!

Tap the display to shout and see how far you will get. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! Only the best shouting heads will go down in history and turn out to be legends in this wacky game!

- New crazy rolling shouty gameplay.

- Crack open prizes from the legendary “Head Bird”.

- Power up your heads for super skills.

- Become the best shouter on the earth.

Featuring all your favorite historic heads such as:

- Albert Einstein

- Cleopatra

- Bob Marley

- Abraham Lincoln

- Joan of Arc

- Elizabeth Taylor

- And many more…

So, warm up those vocal chords and get shouting. It’s time for heads to roll!