Clumsy Cat

Clumsy Cat

By Dingo Games

Clumsy CatClumsy CatClumsy CatClumsy CatClumsy Cat

You are a cat. Your homeowners left you alone. Do as a lot damage as attainable before they get back. Destroy four ranges - the house, museum, faculty, and mall.

Play as a lovable ginger cat or upgrade to one of many different playable pets. Wreak havoc with a Siamese cat, fat cat, beaver, bull, cow, canine, goat, lion, koala, monkey, pig, pony, raccoon, and more!

The house has quite a lot of rooms to smash including:

-Family room


-Dining room






The museum has many displays to wreck:

-Dinosaur fossils






The entire school could be ruined together with:



-Science lab

-Band room


-Computer lab

The mall has many shops to vandalize (paid content):

-Electronics store

-Appliance store

-Cosmetic store


-Clothing store

-Toy store

-Jewelry store

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