Night Agent: I #39;m the Savior

Night Agent: I #39;m the Savior


Night Agent: I #39;m the SaviorNight Agent: I #39;m the SaviorNight Agent: I #39;m the SaviorNight Agent: I #39;m the SaviorNight Agent: I #39;m the Savior

The world is disordered, time for you to be the savior! ARPG mobile game 【Night Agent】is coming! Some disguised college students in a highschool are the super heroes of balancing Yin and Yang? Hey, transfer student! I can see the potential inside you. Why don't you be part of us and save the world?

【Game Features】

One vs thousands. Wipe out devils with cool moves!

Super cool battle experience, excellent design of skills and relentless enemies. Just set free your true self!

Agents Assemble! They are all of the gifted.

Exquisite 3D models, characters are alive. Long vary or melee, bodily attack or magical harm. Choose the best way you play! Goddess, lolita and domineering lady, you presumably can select whoever you want. Organize your greatest squad!

Funny stories! Live a supernatural every day life.

Full of dramatic performances and plots. This is a playable animation in your hand. Let's seek out devils and save the world!

Collect and cultivate, ancient holy beasts might be great helpers!

Find out holy beasts and signal contracts. You can wield the ancient power if they settle for you.

Co-op mode. Heroes won't ever be alone!

Can't handle a large devil? Don't worry, just summon your finest friends to hunt it together! Wipe out your enemies and have fun together!

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