World of Microbes: Spore Species Evolution

World of Microbes: Spore Species Evolution

By Criss Cross Games

World of Microbes: Spore Species EvolutionWorld of Microbes: Spore Species EvolutionWorld of Microbes: Spore Species EvolutionWorld of Microbes: Spore Species EvolutionWorld of Microbes: Spore Species Evolution

Get prepared for the battle of life and dying. Build an unbeatable microbe that other organisms can't overcome. And keep in mind the rule: kill or be killed!

This recreation has probably the greatest character editors, you'll have the ability to connect any physique elements wherever to the microbe, change shape and color. Working with this editor is straightforward and fun!

Have created a microbe? That's great! Now go to a world with an enormous variety of different creatures. Compete with them for meals, survival and further development. Level up within the game by eating stays of killed enemies and other meals. Upgrading allows you to connect new and high components to the microbe.

Get advantages from new physique elements - improve vision, attack different microbes, become quicker. Combine these features in a method you want.

Create a microbe of your desires and turn into the grasp of the underwater world!

Your staff can win the virus match or battle royale mode.

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